Carbofast X Blaster

The Engineers at Carbofast have developed a new, never done before method of combining the Stiffness that archers are looking for, and Unbeatable Vibration Dampening.

Each of the 5 Different Layers of Carbon in the Carbofast X Blaster have a special set of properties that work in conjunction with the surrounding layers, resulting in a Stabiliser with Supreme Stiffness, No Residual Torque, Superior Holding Properties and Unbeatable Sound & Vibration Dampening.

The new X-Blaster was designed by Jim Conroy, Ex Irish Olympic Archer ( Montreal 1976 and Moscow 1980) using all the technique and knowledge gleaned from years of manufacturing composite

products for the Aircraft Industry. The high standards demanded in this field are reflected in the new rod. There are very few people whose in-depth knowledge of carbon and  composite materials in general can equal Jim Conroy.He knows what archers need in a stabiliser and he has delivered it superbly with this rod. He currently coaches both Compound and Recurve Archery.