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Why choose a stabiliser like the Black X?
The new Black X was designed by Jim Conroy, Ex-Irish Olympic Archer ( Montreal 1976 and Moscow 1980) using all the techniques and knowledge gleaned from years of manufacturing composite products for the Aircraft Industry. The high standards demanded in this field are reflected in the new rod.

There are very few people whose in-depth knowledge of carbon and  composite materials in general can equal Jim Conroy. He knows what archers need in a stabiliser and he has delivered it superbly with this rod. He currently coaches in both Compound and Recurve Archery.

Features of the Carbofast Black X

  • New internal weight system
  • Superior settle time
  • Optimum holding for a steadier aim
  • Little or no arm/hand shock
  • Superior vibration absorption
  • Extremely stiff, lightweight & zero residual torque
  • Long or short rods; single or stack weights
  • Range of sizes

Using natural and renewable resources, we have produced a Rod with the most advanced dampening technology on the market today.

The Engineers at Carbofast have developed a new, never done before method of combining the Stiffness that Archers are looking for, and Unbeatable Vibration Dampening. Each of the 8 Different Layers of Carbon in the Carbofast Black X have a special set of properties that work in conjunction with the surrounding layers, resulting in a Stabiliser with Supreme Stiffness, No Residual Torque, Superior Holding Properties and Unbeatable Sound & Vibration Dampening.

Why build a Stabiliser like the Black X 

A Stabiliser is a cantilevered beam – This means it is a beam that is restrained at one end (at the bow) and is not supported anywhere along the rest of its length.

During the shot the rod is loaded at its tip by the weights, this is because the weights resist the rotation of the bow. This loading causes the rod to bend.
If the stabiliser is a simple tube, one that has a constant diameter and a constant material thickness, the rod will bend more in the area close to the bow and will bend very little in the area near to the weights. The tip does not need to be as stiff as the base of the rod.

This is the reason we have built a rod that has zoned stiffness.

Image (Deflection of a rod loaded at its tip )

Zoned Stiffness

The Black X is stiffer in the area closest to the bow, where it needs to resist bending. It is more flexible in the area closer to its tip, this is where the stabiliser damps vibration. The diferent zones are achieved by changing both the material properties and tapering diameter of the rod.

The zoning allows us to build a stabiliser which is most effective and feels good to shoot!

Quality Bushings

Carbofast use a internal bushing on all of our stabilisers bonded together with a special rubberised adhesive to ensure a strong bond between all parts of the stabiliser system while also adding a dampening factor between the rod and the bushing.

Rod Weights

A completed 15″ side rod including bushings weighs in at only 0.21 ounces per inch

A Completed 30″ long rod without its internal weight is only 0.18 ounces per inch

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